teen skin fix

Single cleanse, exfoliation, light extractions, High Frequency & specialty masque. Great choice for teenagers! 40 min. $90

deep pore cleanse

Our ultrasonic technology, a high-speed vibrating blade, eases over skin to remove debris & build up, allowing for better product absorption. Customized exfoliation, extractions & a decongesting masque for a squeaky clean result. Perfect when you need a lot of extractions. 60 min. $125

hydrating oxygen therapy

As we mature, O2 levels in our skin naturally decline. Oxygen helps to remove impurities & toxins from skin smoothing out lines while Hyaluronic Acid restores hydration. After a customized cleansing & exfoliation, skin is treated to a 10 min oxygen atomizing nano-hydrating treatment, finishing with an amino-peptide masque. 60 min. $125

oil control facial

Control excessively oily skin with this oil inhibiting treatment. Gentle clays draw out impurities while an 

ultrasonic brush that removes impurities. Powerful antibacterial ingredients aid to slough off cellular build up & debris, followed by extractions. High frequency kills and minimizes bacterial growth while charcoal masque detoxifies, calms & reduce skin irritation. 60 min. $125

led acne treatment

Excess oil can lead to blemishes & acne flare ups. We combat this condition using highly active bacteria fighting ingredients that sloughs off cellular build up & oil, followed by extractions. High frequency kills acne producing bacteria while charcoal masque & LED lights detoxifies, calms & reduce skin irritation. 50 min. $135

ionactive redness relief

Our advanced IonActive serums combat redness by working deep at the cellular level. While ultrasonic & peltier technology delivers Hyaluronic acid & intense moisture into the skin. 50 min. $135

de-stress facial cupping

As we stress so does our skin. Facial muscles get tense and the appearance of lines, wrinkles and puffiness is more prominent. This 2 in 1 facial and cupping therapy includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, light extractions, face, neck and upper chest cupping session and a specialty masque for a relaxed, plumper looking skin. 60 min. $140


Series of 4 recommended. This collagen inducing therapy uses titanium needles that are gently introduced precutaneously while high strength serums smooth out lines & skin texture. 50 min. $150

triple threat skin fix

This truly bespoke treatment is for the guest who wants a complete facial with a technologically enhanced boost. Encompassing all the benefits of our signature facial with not one, but three modalities that specifically target the skin by deeply resurfacing, tightening, and stimulating collagen production. 60 min. $175

ultimate skin workout

The skin workout begins with a double cleanse, exfoliation and extractions. Followed by  3 intensive anti-aging electrical modalities (Micro-needling, Radio Frequency and LED light) that penetrate the skin in different ways to strengthen collagen fibers, promote cellular turnover and repair the skin. The session finishes with a hydro-restorative collagen masque, eye/lip treatment and a deeply hydrating, customized moisturizer. 60 min. $200

customized back facial

Have back acne or breakouts? How about age spots, sun damage or discoloration? Whatever your concerns are, we have actively medicated, as well as melanin fighting ingredients that we customize to suit your specific needs. Serum, extractions & specialty masque are just part of this targeted back treatment. 45 min. $90

*Make it a peel +$30

*Add microdermabrasion +$25




Helps improve superficial scarring from acne, minimizes fine lines & uneven tone. Diamond tipped wand glides over skin to smooth out texture, while vacuum suction efficiently removes debris. Light extractions & specialty masque leaves skin vibrant! Great choice for all non reactive skins, acne, aging, discoloration or hyper-pigmentation. 60min. $130


Has having acne left you with dark spots, marks and/or unsightly tone and texture? Then this is the treatment for you. Using modalities and techniques from our signature treatment, we are amping up this target based Acne treatment with all new formulated anti-bacterial and deep exfoliating ingredients as well as hydrating and cooling products to help begin the healing process that the ravages of Acne has created. 60 min. $135


This advanced treatment helps improve coarse texture, dull skin tone, stimulates collagen and minimizes fine lines. Light therapy uses highly concentrated beams of light energy to tunnel through the skin and jumps start the body's natural collagen production. Diamond-tipped wand glides over skin to smooth out texture, while vacuum suction efficiently removes debris. Extractions & a powerful tightening masque leaves skin clean, smooth and vibrant! 60 min. $140



advanced renewal peel

A powerful peel that resurfaces skin to help fight visible effects of age, minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation while evening the skin tone. 45 min. $135

powerclear acne peel

A potent clearing peel for breakout-prone skin to target blemishes and visibly diminish post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Helps prevent breakouts, reduces excess oil and unclogs pores. 45 min. $135

age reversal peel

A professional-strength peel designed to minimize advanced signs of aging. Brightens dull skin, reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, deep lines and wrinkles. 45 min. $145

ultra bright peel

An ultra-effective brighting peel to help even the skin tone. Hydrates dry and dull skin. Brightens and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. 45 min. $145

microdermabrasion peel

Skin is gently exfoliated with a diamond microdermabrasion tip to remove all debris & loose skin cells. A custom blend chemical peel of Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid & retinol booster are included to provide additional penetration into the skin to assist in deep cell turnover, making the skin more hydrated, radiant & brighter. 45 min. $150

neck & decollete peel

Helps strengthen neck & chest's fragile skin. Rebuilds damaged elastic fibers to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration and redness. An advanced combination of hydrating ingredients & microdermabrasion boost overall results and leave skin firm, youthful and glowing. 40 min. $95

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