The Skin Benefits of Vitamin C

As our bodies do not produce vitamin c naturally, we need to obtain it through supplements, foods and topical agents.

Taking vitamin c supplements and eating vitamins c rich foods can give your skin a boost from within, but getting the right vitamin c treatments and products can help even your skin tone and texture giving you a brighter and more youthful complexion.

Skin care treatments featuring vitamin c are great for all genders and all ages. The can help with wrinkles, redness and pigmentation through vitamin c rich masks and serums.

Vitamin c also blends great with other powerhouse ingredients like peptides and plant stem cells that help strengthen the barrier of compromised skin.

This month at Skin Geeks we are featuring our New! Light Therapy Anti-Aging Microdermabrasion Treatment featuring lots of Vitamin C rich Dermalogica products like "Skin Resurfacing Cleanser", "Antioxidant Hydramist", "Multi-vitamin Power Firm" and "Dynamic Skin Recovery".

This advanced treatment helps improve coarse texture, dull skin tone, stimulates collagen and minimizes fine lines. Light therapy uses highly concentrated beams of light energy to tunnel through the skin and jumps start the body's natural collagen production. Diamond-tipped wand glides over skin to smooth out texture, while vacuum suction efficiently removes debris. Extractions & a powerful tightening masque leaves skin clean, smooth and vibrant!

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