Do you believe that skincare only stops at the jawline? If your not sure or have never really though

Ever heard of THE Y ZONE?

Did you know nearly 50% of identifiable signs of aging are happening in the lowest part of the face and neck? How come?

Skin on the neck and décolleté (also known as the Y zone) is much thinner than the face; it has less fat support and is a lot more fragile.

As we age, the loss of elasticity in the neck leads to sagging and a lack of attention can mean extra fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Not only are most of us guilty of stopping our face cream at the jawline, leaving this area under-hydrated, but those who remember to wear SPF every day also tend to neglect the neck and décollette, leading to added environmental and sun damage. And very few ladies (only 32%) today are using a neck or chest treatment as part of their skincare routine.

What’s up with that? Despite being told numerous times over the years to extend our face care downwards to take care of this extra fine skin, it is only now that technology and beauty brands are starting to realize the potential of neck and decollette (or Dec, as it’s known) – specific product. Skin’s needs are so different that a new slew of targeted products as well as professional target treatments are set to change our necklines forever.

With 15 times fewer sebaceous glands than the face, this area is indeed one of the quickest to age. The good news is, that it’s believed that only around 20% of this aging is chronological (i.e. governed by our genes). The other 80% is environmental, which means we have a chance to do something about it.

We have options: Surgically address this ever growing issue can help to provide a more defined and natural looking results, which can be a bit invasive and with down time or option to maintain realistic results simply using a skincare products, and of course, coming for for professionally targeted treatments to address this growing concern. At our studio, we tackle this by using highly active ingredients and Peels to slow down the aging process alongside advanced modalities such Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling, Ultrasonic and Microcurrent treatments. So until now, it would have been hard to say yes, but thanks to skincare giants and professional skin care therapists working night and day to find solutions, there is some very impressive technology in both a bottle and in the treatment rooms that target these very sagging, nagging complaints. To learn more about this, visit your Skin Geeks expert to go over options that are right for you!

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