Just as we eagerly await for newest and latest in smart devices to facilitate our busy lives…we have the same approach with regarding skin care. What’s the next big thing?What else can we use or apply to our skin that will give us an effortless, flawless and a more radiant complexion. Two Words. HYALURONIC ACID.

Unlike any other we’ve seen before. For starters, it’s not new. It can’t qualify as being rare, since it’s an abundant ingredient found throughout the body in skin cells, joints, and connective tissue.

Yet hyaluronic acid - a sugar that can hold 1,000 its weight in water and is able to heal wounds, fight free radicals, and hydrate skin so that it looks smoother. Because of these benefits, hyaluronic acid is making a comeback.

Hyaluronic acid, throughout it’s life can be subjected to free radicals unleashed by the sun and pollutants. And by our late 20’s, as our cellular activity begins to slow down, we start to produce less of this ingredient as well collagen and elastin. Which leads to devitalized, lackluster skin and wrinkles.

So how can we protect the levels of these acids from dwindling? You can easily replenish your natural reserves and fortify what you’ve got with proper skin care treatments and consistent at-home care. Include using sunscreen and anti-oxidants to protect skin. Another thing you can apply: a retinoid. A prescription vitamin A cream not only reverses sun damage, clear pores, and speeds collagen growth, but also stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis.

And of course… we recommend visiting your professional skin Geek therapist for an in depth consultation that includes advice and target specific recommendations that will aid and help you in choosing the ingredient appropriate products for your particular skin care needs. Why guess what you need when you can go straight to the pros who will tell you exactly what you need.www.skingeeks.com

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