Rosacea: Understanding skin redness.

We all get a little flushed after a workout, eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol or feeling stressed or nervous but for people with rosacea, it comes on fast and furious and may bring a burning or stinging sensation. Things that shouldn't upset skin do, and they cause a reaction beyond what you'd normally expect.

What causes Rosacea?

-Abnormalities in facial blood vessels

-Light skin color

-Microscopic mites that lives in human skin




hot foods - hot drinks - caffeine - spicy foods - dairy products - extremes of temperature - sunlight - humidity - stress - anxiety - vigorous exercise - hot baths - saunas - alcohol - medication.

Treatments options

Topical medication and antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist can help as well as regular facial treatments designed to keep the redness under control.

We suggest you try our: COOL ION REDNESS RELIEF treatment

At Skin Geeks we can help you determine your specific triggers, design targeted facial treatments and prescribe a Dermalogica at home product regimen for complete redness control.

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