Can I skip SPF if I work all day inside?

No matter if you are outside 5 or 10 minutes during your commute or if you wear a hat and sunglasses, you must apply SPF. Research shows that sun light activates a chemical reaction in the skin cells triggering DNA mutations that continue in the dark. So, even if you are exposed for 10 minutes, it can end up causing hours of damage.

Remember, unless it is pitch dark outside wear SPF to protect from ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer and wrinkles.

Other tips:

-If you are getting a facial or any other skin care service during the day, make sure they apply SPF after the treatment. We always do! At Skin Geeks in Hollywood,Fl:)

-Wearing make up with SPF not always is enough. It protection depends on using certain quantity, likely much more than we use for make up. Remember, you need at least a nickel-size amount.

-Shade and SPF are a must for beach days. Look for a formula that is SPF 30 or higher and that protects you from skin cancer causing rays, UVB and UVA.

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