Can Your Skin Build Resistance to Beauty Products overtime?

​Can your skin build resistance to beauty products?

According to Dermatologist, our skin don't develop resistance to ingredients. It is our perception of skin that becomes confused.

Dermatologists say that many times, people quickly adapt to a new state of normal — an effect that can bury a product’s benefits. This is one of the reasons why dermatologist and skin care therapists snap before and after treatment photos, in order to create record of exactly what’s improved in a patient’s skin.

Can you outgrow your products?

Yes, many times is a factor of genetics, time and the environment. Some of these factors help to introduce phases of acne, dry skin, rosacea and other conditions. We often hear “ I’ve been using this product for such a long time, why is it causing a problem now?

Our skin changes over time and we need to adapt to it. Try staying ahead of it by visiting your Skin Geek therapist or a dermatologist and also by using with a complete skin care line, like Dermalogica, that can adapt to all changes.

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